Viewmake lets you create a virtual tour of a property quickly and easily. Ricoh Theta and Viewmake App together offer important new perspectives to the real estate market. Upload photos taken with your Ricoh Theta directly to the Viewmake App and get more appointments and contacts by creating virtual tours of the real estate properties you're offering the service to! The range of Ricoh Theta-compatible cameras is now expanded with the new V and Z1 models to offer an even more realistic experience. You can take a professional virtual tour in just a few steps of a real estate property, connecting the camera to the app and uploading photos to the Viewmake cloud, offering new business opportunities for photographers who resell services to agencies and real estate agents as well. The 360 photos taken can be displayed not only via smartphone but also via PC, tablet and VR viewers to ensure an even more immersive experience.
Want to experience the great potential of Viewmake App? We offer all-inclusive packages to get you started with the app's innovative tools and cloud storage service.
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