There is a universal language that enables everyone to understand each other on the web and also on Tourmake. It is the Emoji language. July 17th is the World Emoji Day, a day to be celebrated also on Tourmake.
Only Tourmake gives you the opportunity to comment on incredible virtual experiences! Opening a virtual tour is already a fantastic experience because it allows you to be in a place without having to physically go, or to relive an emotion that has lived in reality. Sharing these emotions is possible thanks to Tourmake Reactions, which gives the possibility to evaluate and comment on a virtual experience, leaving one's opinion directly in the place in question, with an emoji and a written comment. An amazing opportunity to interact for the visitor of an activity, an even more precious possibility for the owner of a business or of accomodation structure to have an authentic feedback. The various points of view expressed through Tourmake Reactions then become an important background for the virtual visitors of the tour, who although they did not know the structure they can make a complete opinion, enriching themselves with the experiences of those who have already been there.
Do you enjoy furnish? Comment on the different solutions in this showroom: https://bit.ly/2SfNhtY