Version 1.3 - Partnership & Licenses

The Tourmake team announces the end of the little maintenance period upgrading the software to the 1.3 version and making it usable again.

A new partnership and tour management system has been introduced. Here are the main news:

  • The Trusted Photographers partnership is made through a year-long subscription, that allows them to use the tour editing and management panels;
  • The tour expiration dates are now independent from the subscription expiration, thanks to a new licensing system. Starting from now, if you want to buy a year license for a tour you need to spend a credit, that you can purchase with the subscription or whenever you need it;
  • Prices of partnerships and credits are now adapted to the various international trades.

For further explanations you can contact our support by opening a ticket.

Note: if you already have an active subscription, you've been assigned as many credits as the number of saveable tours, as your option; moreover, the activated tours have now a license that will expire at the end of the subscription.